Vanced Features


Blocks all ads, shopping links, and YouTube Premium ads

Sponsor Block

Skips annoying sponsorship ads, intro, and outro from videos

Background Play

Play any video and music on YouTube in the background

Picture in Picture Mode

Watch videos in PIP while working on other apps. This will improve multitasking.

Remove Shorts Section

Hide and remove the YouTube Short section from the app.

Return YouTube Dislike

Bring back the YouTube Dislike button and dislike count in videos back

ReVanced YouTube Features


Vanced YouTube comes with a built-in ad-blocker. It blocks all ads from the YouTube app so you can watch your favourite videos without any disturbing ads and interruptions. Download latest latest YouTube Vanced and install it on your phone to get this Ad-blocker feature.


With SponsorBlock in YouTube Vanced, it skips annoying parts of a YouTube video. It uses SponsorBlock API to skip the intro, outro, paid/self-promotion, promotion, end card etc from videos with one click. It uses SponsorBlock API.

Background Playback

Watch videos, and listen to music and a podcast while using other apps in the background while browsing or doing any work. YouTube Vanced allows you to play any video in the background even if your phone screen is off or YouTube is closed. You can enjoy listing video music on the YT Vanced App while using other apps or multitasking.

YouTube can continuously play videos in the background. This is a YouTube Premium feature but you can get this feature in YouTube Vanced for free.

Return YouTube Dislike Count

YouTube Vanced allows us to bring back the old dislike button. It gets data from the ReturnYouTubeDislike API and shows the estimated dislike count on any video. The dislike count is officially removed from the YouTube app but YouTubeVanced App brings back this feature.

Customize Layout

You can customize the Vanced YouTube layout, remove the Short video section, disable the Cast button etc from the YouTube app. ReVanced and Vanced YouTube has a lot of customization features that you won’t get on the official YouTube app.

Remove Shorts Button

If you are bored with YouTube shorts, then you can disable the Shorts section from the navigation bar, YouTube feed and home screen. YouTube fully customize it as per your need and re-enable it when you need it.

Alternative Thumbnails

YouTube Vanced has a feature of Alternative Thumbnail that shows DeArrow provides crowd-sourced thumbnails. This is more relevant than what YouTube provides. If you enable it, the video’s URL is sent to the API server. If DeArrow has an alternative thumbnail it shows it otherwise YouTube provided thumbnail shows.