Vanced MicroG APK

MicroG is an open-source project that uses GmsCore and provides a free alternative to Google Play Services (GPS) for Android devices. It is required to sign in to a Google Account into Vanced YouTube and ReVanced YouTube.

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If you want to log in to your Vanced and ReVanced app using your Gmail or Google account you should install MicroG on your smartphone. MicroG is an app that allows you to use your Google account on Vanced YouTube, ReVanced YouTube, Vanced YouTube Music, ReVanced YouTube Music and ReVanced YouTube Extended. After installing the latest MicroG APK on your phone, you can seamlessly enjoy your playlist, subscriptions, watch history etc.

Download MicroG (GsmCore)

Directly download and install this MicroG APK from here and install it on your phone

If you have a Xiaomi or Huawei device then download the below APK.

How to Download and Install MicroG APK on Android

Follow these steps on your Android phone –

Make sure to always download latest GsmCore MicroG APK from original source and keep MicroG updated.

MicroG Features

  • Log in using Gmail account: You can log into Vanced /ReVanced YouTube using your Google account seamlessly.
  • Import Playlist on YouTube: Import all your previous YouTube and YouTube Music Playlists in your Vanced YouTube and Vanced YouTube Music.
  • Access Location Service: MicroG provides accurate service to apps that require location service to run like Google Maps, Weather apps, and YouTube. It works even online or offline.
  • Wide Compatibility: MicroG is compatible with a wide range of devices. It is also compatible with Vanced and ReVanced apps like YouTube Vanced, ReVanced YouTube, Vanced YouTube Music, ReVanced YouTube Music Extended, Vanced Reddit, and ReVanced Reddit.
  • Free and Open-Source: MicroG is a 100% free and open-source project. You can download, modify and use it according to your needs.
  • Compatibility with Google-dependent Apps: MicroG enhances compatibility with applications that rely on Google Play Services, enabling users to access a wider range of apps without compromising on functionality.
  • Support Push Notification in-built: MicroG includes a unified push notification system, ensuring that users receive notifications from various applications seamlessly. This even works when the official Google Play Services are not installed.
  • No Bloatware: MicroG doesn’t come bundled with any unwanted apps or services. This only has core functionalities that are needed to use a Google account. This can save you space and battery life.